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Knuckle up. Get fit.

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Learn fitness kickboxing

Strengthen your body with our classes

Ramp up your personal health

with a kickboxing class

You can join one of our fitness kickboxing classes whether you're looking to generally improve your health or actually lose weight. At Knuckle Up Martial Arts and Fitness, you'll be able to learn kickboxing at a variety of skill levels with other adults who are learning as well. Our trained professionals will help you discover your inner physical strength!

Real fitness kickboxing, real benefits

Learn from experienced instructors

  • Personal health improvement

  • Weight loss

  • Self defense

  • Burn over 1,000 calories an hour

  • Use of real, heavy kickboxing bags

When learning a new skill, it's always comforting to know that you're getting guidance from people who can answer your questions and help you succeed while you learn!


You'll get instruction from our experienced trainers during all of our classes from David, our owner.

Start Achieving Goals with our FREE trial with no obligations. You can see if our kickboxing classes or other programs are right for you.

Learn kickboxing in a family-friendly environment!


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