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Knuckle up. Get fit.

Take Advantage of Our No Contract Payment Option!

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Defense at all belt levels

Learn self-defense techniques no matter your experience

Sharpen your

self-defense techniques

Get comprehensive and realistic self-defense classes - take Taekwon Do! At Knuckle Up Martial Arts and Fitness, you can learn a large variety of hand and foot techniques that will enable you to increase your self-defense potential. As with any of our classes, all skill levels are welcome!  

Knuckle up with our Taekwon Do

Martial arts classes for everyone

  • ITF certified school

  • Large variety of hand and foot techniques

  • Joint manipulation

  • Takedowns

  • Realistic self-defense strategies

Both you and your child can learn Taekwon Do, or any of our other martial arts skills! You'll always feel comfortable bringing your whole family to our friendly facility.


Learn realistic defense mechanisms in a welcoming environment! Bring your family in today and learn martial arts with us.

Try us out with a FREE, no obligation 10-day trial. You can test out our Taekwon Do classes and sign up if you like what you experience!

Take advantage of our no contract payment option!


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